Proposal for the renovation of a sushi-burrito restaurant in Dubai… AH! The globalization! Project modeled with SketchUp, rendered in VRay and post-production in Photoshop. Unfortunatly i didn’t win the competition and so this design is destined to remain an idea.

The client needed an interior design project for a new restaurant in the financial centre of Dubai, a place where busy people can have a quick lunch or take away some food. Sushi Burrito is a new way of making the sushi, basically sushi prepared mexican style (the burrito).

I took inspiration from traditional japanese architecture, the ceiling is reminiscent of the old wooden joints techniques. The general mood is maybe too Japanese for the client that would have wanted also a touch of the mexican spirit. After making this design i have found a project made by FT Architects for an archery hall in Tokyo that reminds a lot the wooden structure that i have imagined.

The client choosed another project but the people on the internet has appreciated a lot my idea. Personally i’m satisfied with the result and i hope to have the possibility to design another Japanese restaurant in future. For what concerne my 3d rendering skills i have a great margin of improvement, there are a lot of very skilled 3d artist around the world and i want to learn everything i can in order to represent my ideas the better way possible.

  • Interior Designer: Andrea Gertosio

Posted by Andrea Gertosio

Hello everybody, i'm an interior designer and 3d artist from Italy with a master degree in architecture. Strong passion for design, science and arts. I'm always in search to improve my skills and knowledge.

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