This backyard, 200 sq ft studio for a painter is also one of our favorite tiny house builds. It features a sleeping loft with ladder, tiny kitchen, French bathroom, and room for a murphy bed to be installed in the future. The room is bright and airy for it’s small square footage.

We designed this for a woman who enjoys painting as her hobby. She also wanted to be able to use this as a guest house, so the studio includes a sleeping loft, kitchen and bathroom. Our clients also wanted to be able to move out to their tiny house when they retired, but didn’t want to sleep in a loft as they aged. So we incorporated a built-in shelf unit that can be removed to fit a Murphy Bed on the ground floor.

We wanted to match the existing exterior of the client’s home. They live in a historic neighborhood in Eugene, Oregon – it used to be rustic farm land – so there is a minimal, mid century feeling to their area. For the interior, we kept it basic to maximize the feeling of spaciousness in the confined footage.

People love this project! We have inspired so many people to start imagining their own backyard studio. Since it takes up about the same space as a shed, this project would be easy for any homeowner to commission their own version of. However, in such a small space, you have to critically think about every detail and it’s value over amount of floor space you lose.

  • Home Builder: Bohemian Cottages
  • Photographer: Olivia G. White

Posted by Olivia White

I'm a freelance photographer and designer living in Eugene, Oregon. I am currently employed as a full-time, in-house photographer for tiny house design group, Bohemian Cottages. I enjoy the challenge of my self-taught education, and am eager to continue learning more.

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