Tag: Commercial space

Showroom Daltile

When designing an exhibition hall, the needs of two worlds that will be in constant coexistence in the same space have to be considered; formed by those who are going to operate it and those who are going to visit...

/ November 1, 2022

Cueva en Suburbio Santiago

This project, one of the most peculiar we have done, presented difficulties that we had never faced. It consists of developing two areas, interconnected, but radically different. The first, the interior of a cave in a mountain located in the...

/ November 18, 2021


Fitspin is a project with innovation in its proposal and generated a stimulating and original environment. Project design: DIN interiorismo – Interior Designer Arq. Aurelio Vazquez Location: Lomas del Chamizal, Ciudad de México, CDMX. Year: 2016 Status: Built Building: 258...

/ November 18, 2021


Interior design has been absent from funeral parlors in Mexico for a very long time and fortunately, being this space a vital element for people, there have been some important changes in the standards dictated for this kind of projects.

/ November 18, 2021

Las Aguas Zona Azul

This project took us on a nostalgic walk through the Ciudad Satélite area, where the original concept emerged in 1957. Este proyecto nos llevó por un nostálgico paseo por la zona de Ciudad Satélite, donde surgió el concepto original en...

/ November 1, 2021


The inspiration at all times for this project was ice cream, all the elements seemed very important to us, their texture, consistency, history and tradition. Working with Dolphy, a brand with well-defined design parameters, we found in their guidelines the...

/ November 1, 2021