Project for a teenager who needs an orderly room, without losing the good design and the tastes of the clients. It was important to create a space in which she could do her homework, which has been designed next to the window so that she has natural light, a dresser and a bed with space to store her books. A clean design in a light color palette, using a geometric design on the wall.

The project was for a teen girl. Her goal was a clean bedroom with a desk for her homework with a window next to it for natural light and a bed with storage for her books and a beautiful dresser.

We choose it together! A clean design in a light color palette, using a geometric design on the wall and white walls. My inspiration it usually comes from Pinterest and Instagram. But also it comes from the client, so I mix our inspirations.

All of my Instagram followers love it! Even it has a mention on another account of Interior Design inspiration and that was an amazing beginning! They always have kind words and they are extremely supportive, that means so much to me

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Hi! My name is Alessia Foppiano, I'm an Interior Designer and I offer expert online advice in all steps, from being your Personal Shopper to the 3D Visualization of the project. My goal is always the same regardless of the magnitude of the project: make your personal style shine. I want to inspire you, give you ideas and incorporate in each concept the elements that you like the most. I'm from Perú and live there, but I'm also a worldwide freelancer

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