Res. WCW consists of two basic elements, wood and concrete, creating on the ground floor the feeling of verticality with the slatted wood and the openings of the windows in the main wall; and in the first floor the molded concrete in loco arranged horizontally, giving harmony to the project

I always liked using wood and concrete in my projects, for me they are two basic elements that harmonize very well. Many of my projects look for composition among the elements, learning more about them, so that I can ‘play and work’ more and more.

The choices of what I use in the projects are simple, types of wood, types of concrete, neutral color palette, sometimes stones, some vegetation, do not run too far from it, I always liked working with this style/ material/ colors.

I have learned that, however different things are, verticality and horizontality, they can walk together creating harmony between them. Always try to learn new things, in whatever free time you have, create, recreate, invent and reinvent, it helps a lot.

  • Architect: Michael Martins Arquiteto

Posted by Michael Martins

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