The bedroom is a conceptual project, which seeks to convey through a delicate combination of simple colors and natural materials in the decoration, generate a feeling of harmony, order and comfort of the space.
The idea to carry out this project arises from the continuous exploration that I do in front of the different forms of representation that they can make of a space that I imagine, or some project that I am working. I am a very visual person and I accompanied my designs with the development of renders to ensure that the idea I have in mind is seen as close to reality.

The project initially arises from the need to put into practice experiences and lessons learned. This is a very personal and conceptual project, combining the magic of textures, colors, and lighting techniques that complement the harmony of a space.
I had in mind to create a quiet space with touches of industrial decoration and natural materials, and I wanted to represent it through a computerized visualization.

It was clear that the bedroom project would be created under a choice of very neutral materials, gray tones as the main base and an yellow accent, to break this monotony and provide a spark of warmth. The presence of natural elements was important at the moment of choosing materials.
The wooden floor was the main scene protagonist by appearing alongside with the floating bedside tables covered in a white polyurethane finish.
A delicate plant appears timidly but not least importar to oxygenate and refresh the space.

My project had a positive impact to people because most of the comments given were focused on the pleasant, natural and organic ambient scene. Additionally, other people commented on the combination of materials and tones in general as they make them look comfortable and harmonious.
The creation of this project allowed me to improve lighting techniques and I learned to create certain materials that Ih ad not previously incorporate into scenes.

Be inspired by what we see in the real world is the best reference when it comes to making architectural visualizations, and continuing to constantly learn from them, including design and decoration concepts.Thank you very much to for inviting me to share my work in your space, they are a constant source of inspiration and thanks also to you who are reading this review.

  • Interior Designer: Eliana Carolina Ramírez

Posted by Eliana Carolina Ramírez Amaya

Hello, my name is Carolina Ramírez I am from Cali, Colombia and I am an architectural designer passionate about creating spaces and developing visualizations for architecture. I like to work through visual narratives and I am obsessed with details. Development of complete supervision projects from concept to final completion.

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  1. Amazing!
    The scene lightig looks very natural.


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