This is a Studio Apartment for a single girl that works from home. The main objective of this proyect was to distribute the space as best as possible in 40m² while accomodating a space for every basic need without making it feel very closed or crowded, always taking into account the comfort of the client as well as her style.

The client for this studio apartment located in Bogotá, Colombia is a freelancer girl who mostly works from home. We wanted to create a space that accomodated all her needs as well as reflect her style.
We started the design straight in SketchUp so we didn’t lose much time with hand sketches, when we had the distribution and all furniture in place we moved on with materials and colors.

Every single material, texture & color was chosen by the client. We wanted to respect her style as much as possible as well to give summer/beach vibes to the space. We didn’t want it to feel very crowded, so we played with open spaces, we wanted the client to be able to relax as same as work.
For the space to look as big, bright and open as possible we painted the wall bone white and added wallpaper to some accent ones at the entrance and the bedroom to give a bit of character to the space.
As the client has cats we worked with AquaClean fabrics on the living room dinning room and desk chair.

For the bathroom, we wanted to give it a modern/scandinavian vibe with the colors and materials. the wood pilars with lights in between give a greta light for makeup purposes.

Client responded very positively to the design because everything was designed as she desired. I’ve also had good feedback on this project on my portfolio and people i’ve shown it to for other poryect references.
I think is very important to organize everything so that you are always on schedule, and always ave while you are designing on any program!

  • Interior Designer: CT Design Studio

Posted by Camila Navarro

Interior Designer and Art director from Bogotá, Colombia.

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