The Tuscan Style is an invention of Italian Renaissance.
Tuscany has a very strong identity tied to its local arts and culture.
This project includes elements of tuscan order and modern techniques of construction to provide confort and elegance.
The Residence Incorporate plenty of stone detailing and terracotta roof tiles.

The project plan was to build a large house on 2 levels with a Tuscan style, to be comfortable, spacious and stylish.
The family lived in a very small place for a long time and wanted to move to another more pacific area away from the bustle and pollution.
The architect Guillermo Jimenez design a house with natural ventilation and illumination.Every space incorporate a focal point.
So you feel peace and harmony with permanent contact with nature.
The design includes masonry details with natural stone, wood, warm lighting and rough stucco.

The client was the one who decided that the house had the Tuscan style.
He talk with us and choose this style. We advise the client on all questions had to time the functionality of the house.
He discovered this style in his trip to central Italy, Florence, Rome and Piza.

The owner was able to see the residence before its construction by rendering techniques and 3D visualization.
that facilitated the design stage and made the be incorporated in the process.

I think it’s refreshing to incorporate elements of classical architecture to residences currently being built because we keep in touch with our origins and bring us closer to nature

  • Architect: Guillermo Jimenez
  • Plans Drawing and 3D visualization: David Guevara

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