F. House represents a meeting point between man and nature.
The concept of the project is to create a residential home to be integrated with the natural surrounding, uncompromising the environment. Wood, stone and concrete are the elements that caracterize the most the atmosphere of the space, developing a dialogue between contemporary and vernacular architecture. The result is a minimal, comfortable and intimate home.

The project concerns a residential home to be integrated in a traditional and natural environment. The space is designed to be lived by a young couple interested in the field of the art and design, with a good taste in particular materials and details.

The materials chosen for the apartment are simple and row, but cleverly used to emphasize the general atmosphere of the space and to increase their value thanks to a specific juxtaposition of colors and textures. To design this place I took inspiration from the natural palette of the italian woods.

People enjoyed this projects because of its soft colors and simple materials and furniture, that evoke a peaceful and homey environment. These responds are an incentive to improve and keep on working on this kind of projects that reflect my style and my design ideas.

  • Interior Designer: Luca Mariani

Posted by Luca Mariani

I'm an interior designer and a musician living in Lecco, Italy. I love 3D visualization and simple spaces. I think that every home have a soul, and my aim is enhance it.

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