Tag: Residential

Container House

This container house is the result of a minimalist low-cost single-family housing project, designed from two 40-foot modules (containers), in a mountainous area on the outskirts of the city; developing an internal design to maximize the function of the spaces...

/ August 16, 2021

Living room in an old house

This residential area fully reflects its customers. The same calm, cozy and at the same time important and demanding. It is located in an old house, which can be seen from high ceilings and windows, which give it a special...

/ February 20, 2021


This bathroom was designed with space constraints in mind and an attempt to reach a solution that gives a sense of space and comfort. I had used the colors that create a sense of space and also the colors that...

/ December 12, 2019

Children’s Bedroom

This kids room is designed for a child which age varies from 3 to 10 years of age. The room is designed in a classic style. The goal was to create a delicate and cozy space for a little girl.

/ July 20, 2018


An architectural project “CASA CUATRO SIETE SEIS” located in Tepatitlán MX, This one story house Is designed based on the building methods of the zone (Clay bricks), letting the apparent brick wall show at the main entrance remain us the...

/ October 14, 2017

60m2 House with Mezzanine Floor | Alicante | Spain

Brief: to design the interior of a 60m2 house for a stylish single female. Solution: We wanted to get a light, contemporary interior and to create a fresh, delicate and sophisticated space. One of the most important goals of the...

/ September 29, 2017


Architect: PAINTIT workshop (Juliy Cherevko) Project Year: 2016 Location: Kiev, Ukraine Visualization: Juliy Cherevko USPESHNAYA, 46 (Kyiv) – The project is designed for a young family who loves not only coziness in the interior, but is also ready to accept...

/ August 3, 2017

Una casa nella foresta // F. house

F. House represents a meeting point between man and nature. The concept of the project is to create a residential home to be integrated with the natural surrounding, uncompromising the environment. Wood, stone and concrete are the elements that caracterize...

/ July 31, 2017

Contemporary Wooden House

Design project of a contemporary residential house with two storeys in Belarus. The house was designed for a couple and their young daughter. They wanted to have a light and cozy home. This is a story how we were working...

/ July 8, 2017

Tropical inspire

In this project, we have focused on the union of nature and interior. Due to the large windows, space is filled with light and air, allow the house to meld seamlessly with the lush tropical landscaping. Soft linens in the...

/ September 21, 2016

Home office geek

This project was developed for a young couple in their first apartament. This space have two functions, be an office and tv room. I tried to put the best of their personality, they like a lot of tv series and...

/ September 12, 2016

Truly Open Eichler House

Klopf Architecture, Arterra Landscape Architects, and Flegels Construction updated a classic Eichler open, indoor-outdoor home. Expanding on the original walls of glass and connection to nature that is common in mid-century modern homes. The completely openable walls allow the homeowners...

/ July 27, 2016