Architect: PAINTIT workshop (Juliy Cherevko)
Project Year: 2016
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Visualization: Juliy Cherevko

USPESHNAYA, 46 (Kyiv) –
The project is designed for a young family who loves not only coziness in the interior, but is also ready to accept the bold ideas offered by our architectural studio PAINTIT.

The customer gave us complete freedom of action. Our main task was to make a comfy and at the same time an unusual interior. When you make a pink shower, you do not always expect approval from the customer, but it was not this time!

When we first saw the apartment, we found a pitched roof and wooden beams, we tried to leave these beams and create the atmosphere of coziness as much as possible.
Our ideas were accepted by the customer from the first option. It’s very cool when you can be with a client in such a trusting relationship.

The interior is a very individual thing, it will not work for everyone, but it will not work out, but to create a unique space that perfectly suits the peculiarities and habits of your customer – that’s what was our main task
I think we managed to cope with the task 🙂

  • Interior Designer: PAINTIT

Posted by Juliy Cherevko

PAINTIT - architectural workshop, founded in 2016, two young architects - Cherevko Juliy, and Tatyana Filipenko, the capital city of Ukraine. Kiev. Having 10 years of experience in leading architectural studio Ukraine, we can not only solve design challenges, but to find and offer the customer an interesting, unusual approach to solving many design problems. Relentless desire to improve, and the desire to be first, makes a unique PAINTIT

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