Humans’ eye has become a prototype for this table. It can be implemented both with glass and without.The emphasis is on curved twirls which I adore to draw 😉 The table was qualitatively manufactured by ArtUAstal.The Table is available for purchase in private messages on my facebook page:

The table was designed and implemented for Prostoneba architecture festival in Ukraine. It took part in Odessa (Ukraine) in June 2016. there was an area for featured Ukrainian product designers to present their creations. Many people visited the festival, and my business cards got finished quite quickly )

I made a plenty of drawings in my notebook. Then I pointed out the smallest drawing of human’s eye. I thought it might be an interesting table made from thin cut metal. I opened on my PC some macro pictures of an eye and noticed there are few twirl nets. Then I decided to make two twirl metal nets divided be the toned glass. The top metal sheet is with quite big holes to give a possibility to see the low twirl sheet that is half transparent due to the toned gray glass. After I spent half a day to draw beautiful twirls, and the project was ready.

I got the feedback that the table looks very originally and the idea is quite new. People also told me about metal cut configuration, that it looks harmoniously and beautiful. One guy advised trying to use the table without the glass at all, and I also liked this idea cause , in this case, it can be used as exterior furniture also.

  • Architect: Rozit Design Solutions

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