The Loft is a personal project that I started a couple of weeks ago based on an image that I stumbled upon on the Internet.
The original photo (unknown photographer) shows an empty loft; brick wall and rustic wooden floor. That’s when I decided to redesign it and make my own loft; The Loft.

The project is a non-profitable personal project initiated to push the boundaries of my design abilities and give myself the chance to think as if I am my own client. It’s something that I do every now and then to keep myself fresh and welling to explore more.

First time I saw the photo, I got the impression that these rich brick walls and rustic wooden floors shouldn’t be changed! They define the character of the place, and this was the point from where I moved on building my mood-board and putting the very lines of design The Loft.
Most of the furniture is selected from RH (Restoration Hardware) collection. Obviously, the furniture from RH speaks the same language we spoke in our design! Rustic and bold! Yet mostly monocolored for a better feeling of home!

I was surprised from the feedback I got from my friends inside and outside the field about The Loft.
I usually post my project on all social media platforms in order to reach out to as many people as possible. That gives me the chance to get comments and critics that help me improve, which is -again- the reason why I started this project in the first place.
The project got a lot of positive feedback and also got featured on a couple of online portals and forums that focus on interior design and architectural visualization. Last but not least, it gave me the chance to present my work here at your blog!

  • Interior Designer: Yasser Elkhodeiry

Posted by Yasser Elkhodeiry

An architect, interior designer and a 3D artist with multiple years of experience in the field of architectural visualization. I am a graduate of Architecture Dept. - Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University and currently located in Miami, Fl.

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