Al Dosari showroom

Located in: Kuwait / Hawally Governorate

The space for this showroom was created to show a quality aluminum Doors and Windows in such unique way.This space is designed in an industrial and modern style. The task of this project was: Showroom design, the organization of newly created Doors and windows, Office Sales design, and 3D visualization. and This is the result of the design!

The concept of the project and the presentation of a different design based on the industrial/Modern style,and the idea was to create a new and unique way to display aluminium Products .the Owner of this project is a businessman who wanted to have a new ideas to display his Products

Clients who come and enter the showroom Looks at the doors or windows or any aluminium Products which that is the main focus and for that i used white and gray colors around the Products and Dark brown color wood for the sales offices to grant them elegance Atmosphere as for the style its a mix between the industrial/Modern style to separate the display Products from the offices the inspiration came through using symmetrical lines and organizing

people absolutely loved it and the way of every product is displayed and how the showroom is organized for business and as for what I’ve learned i have acquired a great knowledge about aluminum sections and how doors and windows are made with such accuracy

  • Interior Designer: Anas Smadi

Posted by Anas Smadi

My name is Anas and I am an Interior Designer and a 3D Visualizer. Since 2016, I have Worked a number of projects for Elements Private Residence,Bars,Cafes,Landscapes. My services include Interior Design,Landscape Design,Furniture Design,3D Visualization. My goal is to make my clients Happy and satisfied through Great Designs with unique elements and methods and achieving the Visual Identity to each project in 3D Visualization and In Real Life

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