The project of less than 60 sq m apartment is a response to current trends. This is the use of copper as a finishing material in the kitchen or wooden wall panels.
The entire interior is maintained in subdued colors of black, gray and white to emphasize the aesthetic qualities of copper. Thanks to the use of only one strong accent which is copper, the interior seems to be very cozy.
Simple shapes of the sofa and furniture harmoniously form a coherent whole.
In the project, I decided primarily for comfort and original design.
Wonder wall Studio wallpaper gives the interior a unique character and does not simultaneously examine the competition for copper.

This was a project of sample apartment for estate agency. They want to show that their house are oryginal. That’s why I choose copper. Always I start project from conversation with my clients. Now I feel like client. I made project for me because I love unusual interiors.

First inspiration to me was picture of copper kitchen cabinet with I found on Pinterest. Then I try to make only accents of copper. Another part of project could not be very aggressive so I use only white and black colour, raw materials and very simple and minimalistic style.

Now I know that people are ready for controversial in their rooms. Copper is not a typical material for inetriors. Everywhere I public this project people react very positive. Now I know that copper was the best choose. I hope I will be able to project apartments like this in future.

Posted by Krystian Motyl

Interior designer from Poland.

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