Design a simple house using the local materials in lebanon and olive trees, Also to maximize the view of the sea.
The infinite pool in front of the sea and the outdoor living space.
It’s consist of 3 bedrooms, living room, reception and bathroom

the project for a lebanon family asked to design house on contour in front of the sea
Their goal to maximize the view of the sea infornt of the house feeling the space outside
and applying the minimalism architecture apprach in the house using the local materials and colours

The nature, using the local materials ,colours and trees
as the wall rocks and the landscape materials in stairs,steps handrail
the white painting material on the other faces of the house
the olive tree in Lebanon
the client sent me alot of inspirational images from pinterest about modern and minimalist architecture styles

Everyone was in love with this project and the view. Seeing that is very simple and beautiful inner peace experience
loving the sea and the landscape on the contour.
the minimum openings due to the privacy in lebanon
Someone told me to create activities around the pool to enrich the outdoor space

  • Architect: Ahmed Tarek
  • Architect: Abdelrahman Saad El Aydi

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I'm an Egyptian Architect & Graphic designer - Ain shams university in Egypt specialist in Exterior and interior designs , visualizations renders , animations and graphic solutions Work on projects of different scales

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