Table Aree is a result of cooperation with craft Armarion, in order to display a wide range of its manufacturing capabilities. The design is fully adapted to the small craft production making it highly profitable to produce in small or large series. Choosing high quality materials such as local oak wood and Kerrock, the product ensures durability, and its emphasized aesthetics makes it contemporary and distinctive.

Goal of this project was to produce highly distinctive wooden product that will make manufacturer recognizable on the wider market. It’s made for Armarion, a small Croatian company, and the purpose of this table was to be the face of the company. We targeted a wider market so we designed a dinning and a business table to fulfill needs of the users, and hence it’s a small series production, dimensions of the table can be customized depending on users preferences.

We wanted to make a symbiosis of vintage and modern design to create a new visual and emotional experience. Wood is used to create a comfortable, warm and home-like feeling and in contrast to it there’s Kerrock – colder yet highly durable material suitable to withstand high frequency of use.

People responded more than well to the design, and a lot was intrigued in manufacturing processes. The most valuable lesson is to always collaborate tightly with manufacturers if you want to make high-quality product. Stick strongly to your ideas but always take in consider opinions of others.

  • Product designer: Vedran Erceg
  • Manufacturer: Timo Škrlec

Posted by Vedran Erceg

Product designer

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