The Grey & Orange Apartment is a personal project.
The idea of the project was to create it in two colors and mix different style to make it modern and a bit classic.
In this interior I included also mix of different materials, such as metal, wood, leather and glass.
I wanted to show how this all elements can be presented in one space.

I decided to present it in grey and orange colors with wooden elements like wall panel on the kitchen, floor panels, chairs and stairs to make it more homy in opposite to steel kitchen.
The goal was to improve my skills with HDRi in 3ds max and Vray. For the first time I decided to make some interior in sunny mood but with using HDRi lighting to recieve more realistic look.

Selection of materials, lighting and style was a bit long process. My inspiration came from some references picture. It takes me a few weeks, because I was searching for some good inspirations to show it in a good mood and atmosphere.
I wanted to make it modern but also very comfortable in look.

I recieved a lot of good reviews for this visualizations. I was asked many times about whole processing of making renders. I’m satisfied with the whole results and for sure I will use more HDRi lighting in my next projects.
Tips – always need to search for new solution, because it could be better than previous.

Posted by Ewelina Lekka

I work as an architect and my passion is 3D graphics. I have big experience in the programs such as Autodesk 3ds max, Google Sketchup, Chaos Group Vray, Adobe Photoshop. My offer is addressed to the architects, interior and graphic designers. Every new order is for me a great challenge and an ideal form for the deepening of my experience and skills. I am full amenable to cooperation.

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