Artistic Bedroom a personal project with the last interior shots. I used a colorful back ground with the black bed to yo make a catchy contrast with some props within the same mood . I hope that you like it, C&C are always welcome!

This project was a personal project with an absolute try to make something out of my soul without client choices or pressure. I was trying to create an artistic environment far away from the traditional guide lines and silly materials and colors.

the style came out from a various trials to make something different, more creative and catchy. For sure the inspiration began with some photo references from the internet and with developing and trying such a thing came out finally .

First of all, I am not that one who can give you a tips or something like that i consider my self just a beginner and there is a lot still out there to learn. In my point of view you have to give yourself a break from time to time to keep you soul away from the market. Analyze any work you liked before don’t be a copy and paste machine !

Posted by Bishoy Ekladiuos

'm a Alexandria-based architect and interior designer exploring the concept of designed space as a communication tool. I've been always passionate about design, colors, materials, styles, environment and how things work together. I have a great passion in developing ideas that can improve the way of living, solving problems. I worked on, and completed many design projects for some clients around the MENA Region. I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Hi
    I am amazed by your design. Well done for this! Can I ask where did you get the wallpaper from please?! Love the combination of black bed and the bohemian coloured wallpaper very much.


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