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BCA Taller de Diseño is a multidisciplinary team of professionals specialized in interior design. Interior is the axis around which our creativity revolves; it is the energy that shapes concepts and inspires the innovative process by which we achieve results focused on the user. Our capacity and experience has allowed us to develop the ideal tools to support our clients in the creation of spatial emotions with a perfect balance between functionality, image and budget. We create unique atmospheres, by the use of correct materials, color and lighting, where people feel part of the space, living and enjoying it such as being another element of the design concept. Teaming with our collaborators and clients, through a strong communication is key to the development of our projects and is the main reason why we have perfected our methodology to traverse the whole creative, virtual and physical process.

King George Centro de Idiomas

King George is a dynamic language center from Canada with 5 branches in Mexico, four of them in the state of Veracruz and one more in Hidalgo. With more than 5,700 graduates based on an offer integrated by seven different...

/ July 27, 2022

Casa Callejón

Casa Callejón is a renovation and intervention interior space project -located in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico- that we developed with the optimism that bring us the opportunity of entering the personal life of the future inhabitants to design spaces specially thought...

/ October 15, 2021

Casa Sol

A polygonal and very irregular lot, added to the restrictions of the housing development and a slope without a flat section, gave us the opportunity to catalyze the commercial disadvantages of the land and design a unique house. A home...

/ October 15, 2021

Casa M28

The essence of the project for this house is the blend of cultures of its inhabitants. The Mexican and Turkish roots defined a programme with the perfect balance between hospitality and respect, that also marked the design guidelines for all...

/ October 15, 2021

Edificio Loretta

This building depicts for both the design team and the developer, a different way to approach architecture with the purpose of translating habitability dynamics and new codes in a city like Xalapa. A fusion of synergies among architecture, construction and...

/ October 15, 2021

CAUZ Foro Librería

BCA Taller de Diseño was commissioned to intervene this space in the heart of the city of Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico. Located in José María Morelos and Miguel Barragán streets, the project’s main goal was to translate from architecture —following a...

/ November 5, 2019

Casa Milán

The approach of the house was oriented to provoke a contemporary design with a typical gesture of the place, retrieving handmade work and the identity of the city of Xalapa. The special requirement of the client was that the house...

/ October 2, 2019

Edificio VH

The main challenge for this 3 apartment’s project was a combination of an ambitious architectural program and a plot with limited dimensions. The 106 sq m of land were maximized to have all the necessary services for the building inhabitants.

/ October 2, 2019

Casa Bosque de Niebla

For the project Casa Bosque de Niebla in Jalapa, Veracruz, there was another proposal already in process, some walls and ceilings for the first level. Our first challenge was using what we already had and to develop a new proposal...

/ October 2, 2019