The main challenge for this 3 apartment’s project was a combination of an ambitious architectural program and a plot with limited dimensions. The 106 sq m of land were maximized to have all the necessary services for the building inhabitants.

Concrete frame was chosen as construction system to avoid the use of columns, creating more spacious areas. Mobile wooden panels were used for the interiors of each apartment to open or close both integrating and isolating the spaces creating suitable environments for the different activities.

Exposed concrete is the main finish and defines the contemporary personality of the project. Wood was used as a structural element and in some finishes to add a warm touch necessary for the residential spaces. All apartments have a living and dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, terrace and laundry room .

The building has 5 levels. The access is located on the ground floor with garage for 4 cars garden and the stairs. On levels 1, 2 and 3 are the apartments and on the upper level —the fourth— the roof garden equipped with a WC room and it is also were all the facilities are located.

The large windows on the facade fill with light the public areas of each apartment and the neutral finishes allow each department to be enhanced with the personality of its inhabitants.

  • Architect: Carlos Carreño – BCA Taller de Diseño
  • Architect: Francisco Champion
  • Architect: Beatriz Bello
  • Photographer: Nasser Malek

Posted by Carlos Carreño

BCA Taller de Diseño is a multidisciplinary team of professionals specialized in interior design. Interior is the axis around which our creativity revolves; it is the energy that shapes concepts and inspires the innovative process by which we achieve results focused on the user. Our capacity and experience has allowed us to develop the ideal tools to support our clients in the creation of spatial emotions with a perfect balance between functionality, image and budget. We create unique atmospheres, by the use of correct materials, color and lighting, where people feel part of the space, living and enjoying it such as being another element of the design concept. Teaming with our collaborators and clients, through a strong communication is key to the development of our projects and is the main reason why we have perfected our methodology to traverse the whole creative, virtual and physical process.

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