This Design Aims to deliver a Modern theme spirit and how it could related to the core function of the Avenue World Group Offices as the nature of the Offices in terms to show a Smooth and Comfortable Atmosphere for both employees and customers also not to lose its Modern Spirit impact.

The Plan was Plain and Simple To Have Chilling Organized atmosphere and it Was for a company specialized in the Field of tourism and Setting Holiday Trips schedule,The idea was to make the offices consequential and organized in order to show a customer care and service for organizing holiday trips where it can grow with its consequential and Comfortable Modern theme while keeping the space luxurious.
Also colors and combining materials was very important as its not a residential office but an active Holiday Trip office which will be Worked by Dozens of people

Materials were Simply picked to be a combination between Blue Stucco and porcelain Flooring while adding the spot lighting features and the Stacked stone material besides adding the luxurious Office furniture that gives lots of luxury to the space.The Inspirations Came from the Logo Of the Company and the Method i Use to Start my Designs
some of the material selection came from the inspiration of the logo of the company the blue for the walls and the white for the floor which that create a strong and direct relation between the office Function and the modern atmosphere Design.

People Loved it I Have Learned The Value of having Organized atmosphere and Coherent Design,Encouraged now more then ever to Design a modern theme Connected to a certain element as it surfaces to superb Design,In conclusion Modern interior elements Should Always contrast in colour, material and style with the Bold deliberated ones, simultaneously complementing each other. Thus, the objects acquire individuality, creating a wholesome Impressive Internal space.

  • Interior Designer: Anas Smadi

Posted by Anas Smadi

My name is Anas and I am an Interior Designer and a 3D Visualizer. Since 2016, I have Worked a number of projects for Elements Private Residence,Bars,Cafes,Landscapes. My services include Interior Design,Landscape Design,Furniture Design,3D Visualization. My goal is to make my clients Happy and satisfied through Great Designs with unique elements and methods and achieving the Visual Identity to each project in 3D Visualization and In Real Life

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