The complex is an apartment building with parking.
The building has three floors, it has one central entrance.
On the ground floor, from the front side, there are utility rooms
for the needs of the future residents of the building.
On the back of the building are balconies.
The layout is designed so that each apartment has a balcony.
The common roof terrace was also designed with elements of a green roof.

This project was implemented for marketing purposes.
The initial data for the project were the reference images of the client and the geolocation of the future project.
The project began with the creation of small volumes on the attached plot of land.
After the form of the building was accepted by the customer, we began planning the location of exits, windows, and balconies.

The materials were chosen in accordance with the client’s preferences.
The client wanted to see a white building, but at the same time it should not have become boring.
In this, we added highlights, gray and black colors.
Also having worked the elements of the landscape, we made the picture augmented.

First of all, we received a positive response from the client.
He was pleased that we were able to clearly show the idea that he described.
With this project, we have improved our work,helped the client with the visualization of his ideas,added one more beautiful work in our portfolio.

  • 3d artist: Ruslana Buryakovska
  • 3d artist: Igor Buryakovsky

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We are a visualization studio from Ukraine. We offer a wide range of solutions for rendering and animation, developing visual strategies for studying, pre-designing and creating the boundaries of the design process. We love to support the development of design architectural and design firms, landscape designers and design agencies. We constantly monitor the communicative goals that each project needs, striving to create the most attractive story with the help of images and 3D animations.

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  1. Initially the design seems very simple. The rooftop terrace is a nice touch and great use of the space that usually goes untouched!


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