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I hope that this last project of visualization for real estate sale is to your liking

A brief description of the project:

The building contains eight dwellings and it is located on a corner plot in Unterenstringen, nearby Zürich in Switzerland. Implantations strategy refers to a rectangular compact volume and its “in and out” modifications in order to generate the three metal profiles that define the building’s geometry and delimitate the generous terraces. Sud orientations are mostly occupied by the daily living spaces, letting the north face for the private rooms and the core for the services.
The motto “4 season” comes out from the project’s main idea: to enjoy the outdoor space all year along. Therefore the loggias are equipped with a reversibe glass frame which allows half of the terrace to enclose itself in winter and to become a half indoor space that behaves thermically as a greenhouse. Moreover, they are pointedly placed in the corner to emphasize the oblique views towards exterior space that domintes the daily common spaces, that are organized turning around this outdoor room in a cartesian quadrant structure. The kitchen occupates the opposite corner and it articulates the living and dinning areas, which are set up in the two missing parts generating a “Z” relation between them.

Further information can be found under the following link:

Architecture: Bednar Steffen Architekten AG, in collaboration with Lucas Elmer and Aran Castellà.
Project developer: Bednar Steffen Architekten AG
Visualizations: www.virtual-visual.com / Jaume Cabistany and Héctor Enka

The architecture studio Bednar Steffen Architekten AG, in collaboration with Lucas Elmer and Aran Castellà got in touch with us (Jaume Cabistany and Hector Encalado A.K.A Enka3D) www.virtual-visual.com to develop the 3D visualizations of this real estate development in Switzerland

The art direction and the selection of furniture was given by the architects Lucas Elmer and Aran Castella.they provided us with various types of furniture and we made several tests with different furniture and decoration until the client was happy

We enjoy every 3D project we develop and we try to contribute our photographic point of view and create an environment and lighting that helps to highlight each environment we develop with the intention of helping as much as possible to the sale of the project

  • Home Builder: Bednar Steffen Architekten AG
  • Architect: Lucas Elmer and Aran Castellà
  • Photographer: www.virtual-visual.com 3D visualization study of architecture and interior design (Jaume Cabistany and Héctor Enka )

Posted by Héctor Encalado Vilaltella - Enka3D

Virtual Visual is a study of 3D Architectural Visualization and Real Estate Marketing, located in Barcelona. At Virtual Visual we give shape to your ideas, designs and real estate projects in the fastest and most impactful way possible, long before they are built in reality. Virtual Visual specializes in 3D Photography for product and Interior Design, we work for Manufacturers and Designers of Furniture (Kitchens, Washbasins, Bedrooms, Sofas, etc. ..) and for the main companies in the ceramic sector. We make 3D Photographs for future collections for catalogs, web, Apps, we carry out the direction of art, interior design, styling, design of 3D Environments (Lofts, Industrial, Minimalist, Scandinavian, etc ..), We model furniture, sofas, washbasins, faucets, etc... We also work for Real Estate, we do 3D infographics, 360º Virtual Tours, animation, etc. to help sell faster and before real estate projects are built.

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