Private house in Buzova village, Kyiv region. S=19 m2.
The bedroom is located on the second floor of a three-story brick house. The windows overlook the south.
The design of a bedroom was created for a couple of doctors. The project was supposed to promote physical and psychological relaxation after busy working days. That’s why we’ve chosen calm pastel colors.

The working table with bookshelves was designed individually for the mistress of the house. She needs a workspace for writing scientific articles.
Opposite the bed there is a plasma TV, so there is no need to go down to the living room to watch TV.

The design of the mirror was developed together with the wardrobe. The pattern on the mirror repeats the milling pattern on the facades of the wardrobe.
In the pictures above the bed are imaged the places with romantic travels of couple for pleasant memories. A bed with a soft back was chosen to make comfortable lying on it with a cup of coffee, read a book before going to bed or work on a laptop with a comfort.

As a result, all the wishes of the customers were taken into account. Preliminary we’ve discussed all the details, preferences, style, color gamma, materials, functional zoning, lighting, budget. Special attention was paid to the functional requirements of cabinet furniture, which was developed individually (a cabinet and a desk with bookshelves).

  • Interior Designer: Hanna Hurina

Posted by Hanna Hurina

I'm interior designer from Kiev. I've graduated Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (Architecture faculty) in 2012. Since 2011 until 2016 I've been working as architect, interior designer, designer of exhibition stands and furniture designer in a different companies. In 2016 I've begun privat practice. The environment has an impact on many areas of our lives. I believe that when developing an interior design, need to create not only an atmosphere and impression. On my mind one of the main tasks is the planning of functional zones, ensuring comfort and safety.

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