Personal project of modern kitchen.
Mainly for testing new FStorm renderer and its GPU RT advantages.
It was really fun. Renderer is really playable and results are pretty awesome !

Special thanks to Alena Sekeráková for her photo of seagull which I used on the wall behind the glass table.

Scene is based on my own idea. Mainly it was done for testing materials and lighting settings in Fstorm renderer. My goal was to make the most realistic scene look as possible.

Now, it is up to you tell me if I did it right or if I missed something ( shadows, lights, bad material setting).

Inspiration for this project came all over the internet. Main reason for this project was that I never did similar kitchen with those materials and I was curious how things will work.

Second reason was testing new FStorm renderer. Learn new techniques. Learn differencies Vray vs FStorm.

There was no problem with materials in new FStorm. Everything is familiar with Vray.

However, big difference is in camera use. Vray is more friendly with its aperture, ISO, speed settings.

New renderer still misses few things compared to Vray. For someone it can be more difficult to use it, but for my work, my projects it’s good enough at this moment. Big advantage is in using GPU instead of CPU.

FStorm renderer is still very young and has a long journey ahead but I am sure he has really great future !

  • Architect: Roman Kadlík

Posted by Roman Kadlík

My name is Roman Kadlík. I live in the Czech republic. I am 3d architectural artist. My goal is to make the most realistic renders and visualizations as possible. I came here on this sites to absorb new ideas in design and architecture.

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