this is my personal work . modern style i made a mix between two colors inky blue and brown make you feel peaceful mood .
floor and one side of walls made a bricks of woods and i illuminate this scene by artificial lights .
hope you like it

well i have desire to make something weird to my works making news idea as lighting and colors of materials and so i did it
hmm my goals make new things different to my works additional to do ideas can progress in our live

i see alot of photos on the internet and i collapsed my ideas from pinterest really there are alot of fantastic ideas on it so i draw my sketch to begin this work . always during your progress discovering new ideas if you have a talent to make a new things

i suddenly feedback alot of people they like it .. just i tested more and more time to aim satisfy result to me using Dome light for external light and ies , sphere , plane lights and you must be patient to your works to do greatest things

  • Interior Designer: Mohamed Sabry

Posted by Mohamed Sabry

My name is Mohamed Sabry .. i grown up in Alexandria , Egypt in 1986 and i have graduated from faculty of commerce . i started graphics track in 2008 . i got myself in Digital Art Skills : 3DS Max , Mental ray , Vray , Zbrush (beginner) , Realflow(beginner) , Photoshop

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