The project is a residential private villa with three floors and roof. Projects land Area: 850 m2 and Total Area: 880 m2. Finished and Furnished to the highest standard with full brushes. It is located in Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt. Master Bedroom is a room of 23 m2. It is found in the first floor with a balcony that views the villa’s garden and pool.

There were many challenges in the project. Starting from modification on the architectural program to add a cosy family living in the first floor for family members. Ending with how to use the curtain wall’s big windows to combine between the outdoor landscapes, but keep the privacy. The villa was to a small family of 4 members. That wanted a modern simple design with a touch of elegancy and perfect landscape design.

As to use the curtain wall’s big windows and the modern architectural design of the villa. Combining between the landscape integration and the natural light. Modern design was the first choice to answer all the needed targets. We choose a grey color pallet combined with hot color to add passion to the design. HDF is used to cover the floor and add warm to the room. The vertical metal bars at the back of the bed is used to reflect the other side of the room. They are trendy and added mind games reflection to the design.
The concept of the design was inspired by the up and downs relationships face in all time. And the fact of how ups and downs illuminate our future and help couples discover each other to move forward with their relation.

Indirect light at the back of the bed and the recess in the gypsum board inspired viewers. People received it happily and positively. This project added a lot to me as a designer. First, light is so important in interior design. And the way to use it is much more important. Whether it is direct, indirect, natural or not. Second, the color scheme and how to break the quietude of some colors. Third, Vertical wood in the interior design helps creativity and inspiration. Fourth, Try always to find harmony between all the items you are using. At last the perfect balance between colors is always a challenge.

  • Architect: Azza Sabry Abed
  • Architect: Tamer Emam

Posted by Azza Sabry Abed

Azza Sabry an Egyptian Architect born in Cairo,1993.Had her "Barchelor Degree" from Modern Science and Arts University with a validation from Greenwich University-UK.

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