Thanks to the semi-desert climate of the state of Querétaro we were able to use local materials and traditional construction methods to achieve the micro-climatic conditions that —together with a modern aesthetic and notion of the current space— resulted in a place where elements bring together an enviable atmosphere. Juan Carlos Loyo Arquitectura is concerned about the environment and always makes sure their projects contain native materials as feedstock, on this occasion constructing an extraordinary house that connects perfectly with the climate and environment of the site.

Vernacular architecture is the primary driver for Juan Carlos Loyo Arquitectura, using the dimensions to propose the correct use of sunlight, rain and wind, this wonderful project was achieved without the use of electric power, which generated —literally— a naturally pleasant environment.

The principles for building this house come from the respect of the environment and the study of vernacular architecture. Thanks to the resources that this architecture offers —orientation, thermal mass, cross ventilation, handmade materials— together with proven construction methods, is how we built a central patio that not only generates a large space, but at the same time adorns the main structure of Casa Sabinos. By allowing the division between public and private spaces through an oval shape a garden, which can be filled with rainwater to refresh the place during the summer, was built.

Given that earth is a very poor temperature conductor we decided to use a cross ventilation system between the spaces, and we also reached to achieve the connection between the interior areas with terraces and gardens using handmade pressed earth walls to maintain comfortable conditions: a fresh environment during the summer and a warm one during the winter. Calculating the sunlight entries we managed a house that doesn´t use cooling systems.

Mexico is losing its building with earth tradition, we have rescued this kind of architecture because we concur that Mexican art crafts in any realm are very valuable and we support this kind of projects in order to rescue the identity that distinguish us in the world.

  • Architect: Juan Carlos Loyo – Juan Carlos Loyo Arquitectura
  • Photographer: Juan Carlos Loyo Arquitectura

Posted by Juan Carlos Loyo

Architect, Designer and Contemporary Artist born in Chihuahua, Mexico. In his architecture he uses vernacular and sustainable elements to build environments that invite the inhabitants to relate to the space through their senses. He is the founder of Programa VACA (Verano AprendeConstruyeAyuda “Summer Learn Construct Help”) a self-construction community program using natural materials to eradicate extreme poverty that has helped communities in Puebla, Querétaro, Chiapas and India. As a designer he aims for his furniture to result from using scrap material to create unique pieces. His work has been spread, shown, awarded and built in different countries. Currently, he runs his study and Programa VACA A.C. in Mexico City and focuses his passion in creating new things among architecture, industrial design, art and sustainable community construction projects.

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