The project is for a house of 400 square meters, located in the savannah of Bogota, Colombia. The house is 5 years old, but it did not have a good distribution of the spaces, therefore a remodeling was required that included the modification of the spaces and changes in its finishes. The plan was to follow the client’s requirements, where they were clear about what they wanted in terms of look & feel.

The house is made up of two floors, in which a family of 5 lives, so comfortable spaces with enough space with different uses were needed, but at the same time they were required to be integrated spaces for daily use.

The client was very specific, wanted a sober and elegant design, with open and illuminated spaces. They wanted to focus the design on the kitchen and dining area, integrating it with the rest of the house.
The social area of ​​the house is composed of the kitchen, the dining room and the living room, between these last two the space is divided by an imposing floating fireplace. the room is a double height space, which gives the feeling of being in a large place with lots of light. The materials used, and according to what the client wanted, are clear materials, where white predominates, and contrasts with gray colors giving it the nuances necessary for the composition.

In the end, the project had a very good reception on the part of the client, it was what they were looking for, spacious and illuminated spaces, lent much interest in the details and furniture. For the first months of 2019 the start of construction is planned.

  • Architect: Camilo Restrepo
  • Interior Designer: Camilo Restrepo

Posted by Camilo Restrepo

+!DeA Estudio was born in Bogotá, Colombia, with the purpose to offer integral solutions in the architecture and interior design. With experience in designing spaces, objects and brands, +!DeA seeks to merge the application of a special knowledge, with the generation of emotions and behaviors to achieve identity in the work carried out to his clients. Since 2013, several projects have been idealized, conceptualized and executed in various areas of application.

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