Paris Apartment is a 3D project inspired by Joseph Dirand.
I started this project with a 3D model of a apartment made by Bertrand Benoit some years ago. I modified some aspects of the geometry, and I replace all the original materials.

This project was personal, so I have the control of all aspects of the image. That was a must.
I wanted to make some images where you feel that mixture of classic apartment, and modern style of the 60s. I choose a soft light mood to generate that Parisian mood.

I was inspired mainly by Joseph Dirand.
Based on their projects, I assembled a minimal palette, of white materials, stones and dark wood floor.
Also, I was inspired by the furniture design of the 60’s. I love the chair of Joe Colombo, and also the lamp Tizio of Artemide. Classic of designs.

People in general liked the project. I uploaded in different social networks and my page;
I learn further rules of composition and color balance, and lighting studies.
I always recommend to investigate and explore references, before start any project in 3d visualization.

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Posted by Javier Wainstein

I am 23 years old student of Industrial Design on FADU (UBA), and I work in 3D visualization. I specialize in interiors and furniture visualization. I have worked with designers like Federico Churba, Cristian Mohaded, and architecture studios like Oppenheim, Yoo, Sally Caroline and Studio Stassano. Let's talk!

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  1. Amazing. Stunning just to say the least. So much creative design elements throughout the area. I LOVE IT


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