Areua is a restaurant dedicated to the traditional production of a typical Colombian dish, where from its look & feel it was intended to give the sensation of a fresh and handmade place. A place with a vintage design in London loft style.

According to the client’s requirements, the plan for this design was to project a cozy and warm place, where the consumer feels that it is in a space where the products are fresh and handmade. The space used for the restaurant is 65 square meters, which includes an outdoor terrace area. The project was thought of dividing it into 4 main areas, the back kitchen, the attention and self-service area, the main lounge for the diners and the terrace. As for the lighting, it wanted a space with warm light, to give the feeling of being at home.

When wanting a cozy space, a vintage design was implemented in the style of London loft. That is why a lot of emphasis was placed on choosing the right materials to give contrasts and follow the guidelines of the design concept. On the walls were used aged brick panels, decorated with elements in iron and vegetation, finishing off with a warm lighting in the lamps with a modern and geometric design. It was given prominence to the style of the wood, using a material called ODB, present in all the furniture of the restaurant. Following the corporate colors of the brand, color accents were sought, where yellow predominates, used in the chairs and in the backs of some walls. Two types of floors were used to mark the division of the spaces, the dining area with a floor in light wood and the access corridor and self-service area with decorative tiles in concrete vintage style.

In the end, the project had a very good reception from the clients, because it is a place where it is possible to share spaces with friends. The touch that was given with the presence of vegetation, make it a cool and friendly place.

  • Architect: +!DeA Estudio
  • Interior Designer: Camilo Restrepo

Posted by Camilo Restrepo

+!DeA Estudio was born in Bogotá, Colombia, with the purpose to offer integral solutions in the architecture and interior design. With experience in designing spaces, objects and brands, +!DeA seeks to merge the application of a special knowledge, with the generation of emotions and behaviors to achieve identity in the work carried out to his clients. Since 2013, several projects have been idealized, conceptualized and executed in various areas of application.

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