“Casa Matuk” it’s a project that involves a whole interior makeover of a residential house that is located in the capital city of Durango, México. This house was built on the 70’s, therefore the structure is very steady and resistant. It also has some vintage details which are considered the soul of the house and the neighbourhood as well.

The purpose of this project is to update the style of the house, making it a bit more modern on the inside: painting the walls with lighter colors, changing the tiles on the floors and giving maintenance to the windows and doors.
The project was made for a single woman, who lives with her dog and occasionally has visits.

I chose lighter colors because some rooms are very small and with low ceilings. Plus, the walls have textures and wallpaper in very bad conditions, so they have to be removed. I also wanted to use darker wood on the doors and laminated wood floor in some rooms for contrast and to make them feel warmer. This kind of materials will make it cozier and wider, but keeping the façade and structure with that old fashioned style that is now classical on that zone of the city.

The client loved it from day one. It’s amazing how changing only the materials, using brighter colors on the walls, minimalistic decoration and focusing the details on certain spots, but leaving the spaces just as they are right now, make it look like a completely different space.

  • Architect: Arq. Laura Gpe. Molinar Rodarte

Posted by Laura Molinar

Architect, 28 years old. Born in Durango, México. Feel free to contact me: arq.lauragmr@gmail.com

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