Project of new kitchen’s furniture to a middle-aged woman. She wanted new cabinets and a new countertop, but keeping the stove, the table and the exhaust hood. The granite countertop with the wooden coated lower cabinet is the centerpiece of the project. Stainless steel double sink. All cabinets in MDF with aluminum profile handles. Lower cabinet under the countertop with 8 drawers (4 are corner drawers).

The project was for a middle-aged woman who wanted to change all the old cabinets and the stainless steel countertop, but maintaining marble table and chairs, 6-burner stove and the exhaust hood. She didn’t want too much details on cabinet’s design; also, she wanted to add some colors to the kitchen and closed cabinets since most of the older ones were open.

Almost all decisions were taken based on client’s personal preferences, especially the granite countertop. I decided for the black color in order to follow the existent chairs. The wood texture comes to add some color, turning the kitchen into a more cozy environment and being a complement to countertop’s heavy-looking. This set creates a focal point in an almost entirely light-colored kitchen. I didn’t get a specific reference for this project, but I was inspired by projects that use natural and contrasting materials, and those ones who create highlighted areas just using colors and/or textures.

Although the client wanted closed cabinets, I figured out that keeping the older floating crate shelf with mugs and thermal bottles would be better for all the closed-cabinet’s design, adding a tiny cellar into it. Also, I decided for corner-drawers in lower cabinet in order to a better using of inner space at the corner and add something unusual to most of Brazilian cabinet’s design

The client loved especially how colors and textures were added to an almost entirely light-colored, clean kitchen. The answer from other people was positive in general, although they didn’t provide details about what they most liked. I don’t have answers about the real environment because the project wasn’t built yet. Using the corner drawer was specially challenging since, as I mentioned before, it’s not something usual in Brazilian cabinet’s design and I wasn’t sure if the client would accept it (fortunately, she liked it).

  • Architect: Pablo Peixoto de Lima

Posted by Pablo Peixoto de Lima

Architect and Urban Planner. Born and raised (and living) in Maceió, Brazil. Graduated from Universidade Federal de Alagoas (UFAL), lived for one year in USA deepening his studies in Urban Planning at State University of New York at Albany City. Also, sometimes works as an illustrator.


  1. George at IES Kitchens April 17, 2019 at 11:14 am

    We’ve been getting older solid wood cabinets and re-doing them, clients love them and the cost savings is ridiculous!


    1. When we can save old furniture and reshape or reuse it, giving it a new look, it’s usually better and cheaper than getting a new one.
      Thanks for your comment, George. I checked your website, appreciated your projects.


    2. Pablo Peixoto de Lima April 18, 2019 at 8:17 am

      When we can get old furniture, reshape and reuse it, giving it a new look, that’s usually better and cheaper than getting a new one.
      Thanks for your comment, George. I checked your website, appreciated your projects.


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