Utilized a space used as a store room to a classic style bed room with less efforts and cost effective while comparing to some other styles and designs to give the perfect output for the clients taste.
To desgin this I went through many reference images and projects of disgners and inspired by some of them to do this .

This was used as a store room and client had a requirement of a bed room and wanted to make use of it. So I chose to design a classic bed room for the space since the house was a classic pattern designed .

I went through many reference images to design perfect and inspired by some designers work so I thought to implement it.
I didnt spend much time on lighitng since the natural sunlight was getting perfectly to the space. So to make use of it I have used white mixed slight yellowish wall paint to enlighten the area.Wrought iron bed and wooden tables etc.were palced to match the room space accoridng to the style.

I had a great positive feedback on this project .
To get the correct visual that run on your mind you have to match the colour themes and materials accordingly but first of all you have to referer many images and projects of designers to build up your own .

  • Interior Designer: Amr Abdeen ,
  • Steven roe:

Posted by Ahamed Naseef

CG visualize artist producing architectural interiors and exteriors.

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