The design of the bedroom in the attic with the preservation of brick walls and wooden beams, which resemble the loft style. The customer wanted a spacious bedroom with original lamps. The main goal of the project was to count the dark elements of the decoration with bright things.

At the beginning of the project, the task was to keep a dark brick wall, or repair its decorative plaster and make the interior completely light. The customer decided to save the brick wall. The main goal was to preserve the light. The unusual arrangement of windows gave a bright light in their zone, so the bed was located under them. The construction of the beams was combined with light, originally placing ordinary lamps, which gave romanticism in the evenings.

To work on the project, many projects in the loft style were viewed, dark colors perfectly combined against each other’s background. Adding an ethnic carpet with patterns has added more coziness to the bedroom. There was a backlight in one of the props, I thought why not add it, it turned out to be an excellent contribution to the overall picture. The paintings further emphasized that the bedroom is meant for a woman.

The customer sympathized with the project since the choice of brick walls, the preservation of a large space made the interior airy. I would like to advise you to try to combine different styles, furniture, decor, to create something new.

  • Interior Designer: Darina Rudenko

Posted by Darina Rudenko

Hello, I'm junior 3d artist live in Kherson, Ukraine. My hobby whose in due course has developed into work - to create and visualize interiors and exteriors. My favorite design style is loft, as well as the predominance of light colors and classical elements. I'm very responsible for my projects and doing my job fully in accordance with the requirements of the customers. My main objective in the work - to convey all the customer's ideas about his future home. My main tools - 3ds Max with Vray for modeling and Adobe Photoshop for postprocessing. My contacts -

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