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The project involves the production of a table made of metal profile and birch plywood with end color. The size of the table is 400 mm in diameter, height 540 mm. Also, the production of the table top is possible from any wood and color.

Very often you want to have a place where you could put a Cup of tea or coffee, or put your favorite book. At the same time that did not take up much space in the apartment. Various studios offer such tables, but in an uninteresting performance, we also wanted to add beauty to the modern world. This is how the coffee table CIRCLE 2.0.

The materials were chosen based on the”LOFT” style. And we really like to use birch plywood, which seems to be underestimated in the world, in our projects.She has quite an interesting texture on the cut. Her layers look interesting in the processing of a milling machine. Also plus this material is that it is inexpensive, but with proper processing looks cool!

We can say with confidence that people liked the project. This table is often in demand. It is also possible to change the materials, so often the table top is ordered from oak! Also, when ordering, you can change the size of the table. You can make it higher or wider. The color of the metal can also be changed to any of the proposed palettes RAL. Waiting for Your orders!

  • Interior Designer: Kolyadov Stanislav

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