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” Master Suite Renovation ”
Designed by US ” ARKZ ” Architecture studio ..
we dreamed about creating different Concepts full of passion
and Architecture based on quality of spaces first ..
our commitment to design excellence, innovation, and sustainability..
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The interior design of the master bedroom suite and bathroom has been renovated as part of a competition created by an architectural site.
The house is located in the USA, which farmhouses have its own special style, which client insist to keep it in the new design.

The client (who held the competition) had the desire to stick to the familiar farmhouse style of houses there, but with some modern touches, namely the renovation in the same design and the reuse of materials in a different way.

As a farmhouse style we put some constrained to make our design come into real
1) natural materials which in flooring walls ( Marble + Wood )
2) White paint which the main theme of all farmhouses

Bathroom : we take the Chandelier his space to make sure that is the main member in Bathroom and other members are easy to reach with some privacy for toilet , and some attraction for sinks and mirrors also green element added something happy and beauty in the space . also the connection between closet and bath is so easy , which make circulation easier and smoother.

Bedroom : also has a simple and quite theme of farmhouses ( white and natural wood flooring ) , light furniture with a good ventilation and Daylight , wider win
3) make it quite ( Reading zone and seat behind it ) it gives a feeling of relaxing

People loved it as it contains calm colors with little lights which is functional and also make you feel that it is a luxurious design touching farmhouses style that shown in using marble in walls and floors interact with parquet (wood)

Client Commented : thank you for your submission. i appreciate the time you spent on this project.
Website rate us : 8.9 total ( 8.5 idea , 8.7 beauty , 8.5 function , 8.7 feasibility , 8.9 Drawings )

  • Studio: ARKZ – Architecture Studio
  • Architect: Zahra Ibrahim
  • Architect: Khalid Muhammed Ghazal

Posted by Khalid Ghazal

Ambitious Architect, welcoming new ideas, and non-traditional, always believe that architecture is design for people, also anything have its own beauty. - I love to work in an atmosphere of cooperation and seriousness in work. - Love working in teams with mutual respect in dealing with colleagues of the same degree or higher. - I love design so I began it with graphic design, 3d modeling and finally studied architecture design.

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