85 sq meters apartment in Kiev was created for a young couple. The chosen style does not have a clear name, but it definitely corresponds to the place, time and, of course, the wishes of customers. If you like concrete, wood, light and non-pacified spaces, this interior will surely appeal to you

Apartment for a young family is located in one of the sleeping areas of Kiev.
At the very beginning of the work we had to unite 2 one-room mirrored apartments, into one space. To many people and things were supposed to take up here: the family couple, a cat, a future child, possible guests, a kitchen for convenient cooking at the same time by all family members, a spacious workplace for two, 2 bathrooms, a dressing room, a bicycle storage place in easy access, a spacious hallway, a horizontal bar and, I hope, that’s all.

On the one hand, it was important to make the most modern and laconic interior in dark colors, with closed smooth surfaces, hidden storage systems. On the other hand, there was a thirst for light Scandinavian interiors filled with details with history, cozy and domestic. The only thing that united the guys was love for concrete and wood.

Not an easy task for 85 sq meters, which greatly complicated the massive load-bearing pylons with a frequency of 3 meters throughout the area of ​​the apartment. In spite of everything, the space turned out not cluttered, light and modern, with a slight accent of the color of the sea wave, passing through all the corners of the apartment.

  • Interior Designer: Maya Baklan
  • Interior Designer: Julia Larina
  • Interior Designer: Andrey Larin

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