The brief for the Zee side table was to create a side table that would integrate seamlessly into modern living. This was achieved by creating a small footprint and a storage system on the diagonal supports, which only allows room for a maximum of 3 books to be stored at any time, thus forcing the user to create an uncluttered living.

The plan of the project was to expand on my portfolio of furniture designs for Milan Design Week 2018. I was asked to be part of Milan design week for my Melo chair. As a 23-year old designer, I wanted to showcase my versatility and growth in my designs, from the first chair that I had designed during my second year at university. This led to the creation of the Zee, where I incorporated elements of storage, material versatility and clean lines.

As the projected progressed, the material selection was crucial to the design, the choice of light ash wood contrasted with black powder coated metal. This created a modern and clean aesthetic.

The design process starts by using a thick marker/pen to create silhouettes and general forms. This part of the process is quick, say about 1-5 minutes for an A3 page allowing for interesting lines and forms to take shape. I then progress to thinner pens and increase the detail, allowing for the development of each ideation. The next phase is to evaluate the design to fulfil the brief, progress to scale models and then a 1:1 prototype. Throughout this process, the design is evaluated prior to final production.

The response to the project was very positive, people love the Zee shape, its functionality, aesthetics and the direction of my designs. I understand the importance of the design process so as to create a refined product that is ready for market,

  • Designer: Michael Papanikolaou – Made by Michael

Posted by Michael Papanikolaou

Michael Papanikolaou is a young passionate artist and designer, from Sydney, Australia. The focus of his practice is on extenuating the natural beauty of materials whilst creating simple, unique but sophisticated products. Michael is driven by creating lines and forms that are unique and will help to write design history.

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