Who doesn’t enjoy designing their dream home? This project is is a conceptual design of a residence that may one day come to pass, and even if it doesn’t, it is a project that I truly enjoyed creating. The Concrete Jungle is a neutral space, defined by mid-century furniture and industrial features, and is, in other words, my dream home.

This self-driven project was purely conceptual, a challenge for myself, in a way, to make me the client. This conceptual idea has been nagging at me for a while, so I finally took the time to design a space that checks all of my design boxes. Every space I have ever resided in has been quite neutral in color, with the focus being artwork and sculpture.

In this design, I designed a concrete island and countertops, as well as a concrete fireplace, with art and greenery everywhere you turn. I truly appreciate a hybrid of mid-century furniture and industrial materials, which was a must when creating this design.

The project received positive feedback from my colleagues, as well as through my website and my Instagram, @carliestu.designs. I was blown away by the opportunity to contribute to interiordesign.io as well. One thing that I gained from this design experience is that when you are designing, no matter what it is or who the client is, always imagine the impossible. Have fun in your creation, and let the functionality be the last thing you think of, for it is in the imaginary that the beauty of a design is born.

  • Interior Designer: Carlie Blake

Posted by Carlie Blake

Carlie Blake lives in Apex, North Carolina with her energetic Cocker Spaniel, May. She earned a BFA in Interior Architecture from UNC Greensboro in 2013. While earning her degree, she interned at Phillips Collection, a contemporary furniture company, later becoming a freelance sculpture designer for them. She designed and showcased a digitally fabricated installation entitled "Cumulus Oculi" with her studio mates at the CVA Center in Greensboro, NC, and has also showcased various personal artwork in two events for RAW Natural-Born Artists. Carlie is currently an Interior Designer in the hospitality industry and is a freelance graphic designer. In her spare time, she creates visual art, trains and competes in dog agility with her pup, works at the Flying Biscuit Cafe in Raleigh, NC, reads, and tries her best to be happy, present, and grateful.

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