With this project, the focus was on improving my rendering skills using corona render. For the space, I wanted to create a clean use of the materials, but also to create a comforting, welcoming place. Visualization of an apartment.Colors and the space they are in is a perfect match in my opinion.

My goal is only to improve my rendering skills using corona render. I just enjoy designing my dream home. The concept provides the structural and interior arrangement of an existing apartment in a historic building of the early ‘900. The intervention was aimed at recreating a comfortable and luminous space and interior cut, without interfering with the openings of the existing external facades.

I wanted to create a clean use of the materials, but also to create a comforting and welcoming place. Functional elements such as a long entryway and front facade allow plenty of natural light to enter. I was inspired in nature to create the project, making use of the wood, which brought beauty to the project. I really like the combination of minimalism wooden elements. So as a result we get very light and natural.

The project received positive feedback from my colleagues, as well as through my website https://www.behance.net/luqmanashaari and my Instagram, @lqmnashaari. I was blown away by the opportunity to contribute to interiordesign.io as well. People responded positively to this design. They commented and chat on social networks. I like the style of this design, so i will continue working on it.

Posted by luqman ashaari

I'm a passionate Visual Director / Motion Graphic Artist working in the creative industry who is constantly trying to keep the creative muscle in action. I'm interested in creation of a wide variety of motion graphic projects mainly based on 3D elements with Cinema 4D and Adobe Suite. I love designing, so I started a daily project called ''Everyday's'', where I will be creating something cool everyday to boost my modeling skills and learn new stuff. I am available to work on collaborations, exhibitions and academic invitations

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