Interior design project for a small house in Mexico, customers wanted a contemporary ambience but retaining a simple design line that would help to perceive a spacious and comfortable area.

This proposal was made based on the tastes of the client, since he is an architect who loves photography.
It incorporates a small gallery suitable for the simple but charming design of the space.

We try to get an confortable space with a contemporary furniture and make the space look bigger than really is, our client who is an architect decided to get a nice living and dinning room with a few but interesting elements.

We take some references from pinterest, and talk a lot with our client about their taste in the design area, the color palette was important to get a relaxing space, the materials are really basic because we got a specific budget .

We got a very good comments and many people was surprised about it, they wouldn´t think that we can achive this resoult, they love how we integrate the art, design, function and color in this proposal, and we learn so much with a client like this who knows exactly what he wants.

  • Architect: Edgar Martínez
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Posted by Edgar Eduardo Martínez

Im an Architect from México, i love the architectural design and since i started my professional career i specialize in 3d modeling and architectural vizualization.

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