We did a make over for the Yu-Isao house, changing some area´s function, making the space feel more open and efficient. Utility lights are distributed on specific spots, to keep a relaxed atmosphere. We had fun mixing materials and colors making emphasis on the different height walls that divide the space.

This project was conceived for a young couple, the designed space was originally a living room which was turned into a bathroom with divided areas to be used simultaneously. The most important task was to modify the entire atmosphere and infrastructure, to serve the new purpose. The bathroom is connected to the master bedroom upstairs, giving space to a closet under the steps.

The furniture is custom designed to fit harmoniously with the whole project and to serve the customers needs, plants were incorporated all along the window to add freshness into the space and provide some privacy from the outside. The customers wanted plenty of storage space so we tried to design all the remaining spaces to be used for it.

The whole design is meant to evoke relaxation, we used wood and stone and playful colors to sheer up the morning routines. We chose three shades of pinkyish orange on the main bedroom wall, which are distributed discreetly in the volumes to give an idea of ​​profundity.

This project taught us the importance of the process and the natural evolution of it, something that is important to considere while doing a make-over.

  • Interior Designer: Sentido Arquitectura

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