The rehabilitation history of this space goes back four months when the staff was relocated in temporary offices in order to redesign the space and turn it equivalent with the new international standards of the company and also fulfilling the local labor requirements. In addition the LEED certification Wellbeing Distinctive A was obtained, making this office encompassing for both employees and visitors.

A healthy environment was generated reducing energy consumption, between 20 to 40%, achieving a smaller carbon footprint, 20 to 30% water savings and banning the use of PET containers. Adding the use of low environmental impact materials such as recycled wood, fast growing bamboo veneer, LED technology lighting with presence and movement controls.

The open area was covered with an organic plafond formed by suspended strips of Tekne Roll, which has a prodigious signaling sense and indicates the spatial route towards a generous view of the Arcos Bosques complex, bestowing it with the infinity emotion. Acoustic panels were installed in the meeting rooms; the walls were built with concrete giving strength to the vertical elements.

The plafond maintains a constant dialogue with the space: it marks the rhythm of the partitions, emphasizes the work centers, marks the meeting points, and establishes areas with different patterns and geometries. An inclusive working space with place for everyone, where natural light plays a leading role and raised with the presence of curved glasses that allow acoustic privacy and circulation fluidity within the spaces.

The distribution is consistent with the sense of work that Cushman & Wakefield has: Collision Center area for clients and brokers meetings, internal teams meetings and general working area. Everyone has a work space as well as a place to meet. There is 1.5 ratio of non-fixed places against those assigned; connectivity and technology are fundamental in the project since the latest trend was installed and at the same time it will be kept up to date over time. IP and Wireless telephony for each user and space.
For meetings with clients there is an Urban Immersion screen to make presentations not only visual, but sensory.

This space inspires a different way of working. Invites, summons and integrates. Shows total productivity in its versatility for assembling teams, gathering large groups and conferring privacy for individuality. A flexible place under a plafond in which a sea of avant-garde design converges with a sense of dynamism, being present in the conception of this incredible interior design.

  • Interior Designer: Work+
  • Photographer: Jaime Navarro

Posted by Juan Pablo Serrano

Office spaces are an agency that depends on the functionality and flexibility to achieve efficient operation. The experience of 27 years of Serrano Monjaraz has given him the tools to know how to configure this productive machinery correctly. The design is the starting point and from the hand of the architect the client will have his disposition to the team that has coordinated Work + to solve all his needs. The selection of space, project management, design, execution, selection of systems, equipment and furniture throughout the process is restricted to the last detail with the client as the center of this vast universe and as the axis on which it is Machinery must turn. A new way of seeing management change with design as a starting point.

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  1. I love what you have done with the ceiling. It looks like it will work great for reducing sound and echo.


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