This apartment is located in Polanco, in Mexico City, just across from a park so the views are mostly of fantastic tree tops. The apartment has one level with wide spaces that allowed making a proper distribution of the areas resulting in a casual, very warmth and open ambience.

The remodeling project of this space considered a master bedroom for one person and a guest room; it also includes a library with enough privacy that, when necessary, may also be an additional guest room. Because of its location the entrance hall lacks of natural light; this situation was solved with a plafond where lamps were installed and the walls were painted in an intense red color that unifies the walls and doors generating an ample single space.

All floors, except for kitchen and bathrooms, are of a light-colored wood, the same shade was maintained in all the custom made furniture. The plafond was placed as high as possible to avoid affecting the amplitude of the spaces.

The intensity and brightness of the entrance blends with the rest of the areas, for these a neutral color was selected to make the most of the natural light. There are also some red accents in the same color of the entrance hall.

The artificial light is indirect and where the height was not sufficient they were installed on furniture and walls. Some walls have accent lights to emphasize the space and there are also some suspended lights. Among the living room and dining room is a large column, which was covered with a luminous material, to convert it into a great central light object.

  • Architect: Claudia López Duplan – López Duplan Arquitectos
  • Photographer: Héctor Armando Herrera

Posted by Claudia López

In architecture spaces must communicate with the people who live them and transmit their lifestyle. Each project is a commitment to both interior and exterior that generates a language through all the elements that shape it. The result is an atmosphere that is present in an intimate communication between the architect and his client. Architect Claudia Lopez Duplan, has more than 20 years of experience in the development of residential, corporate and commercial projects. Her unique sensitivity and style have positioned her in the interior design scene; and she has specialized in residential renovation that gives the spaces a new identity. In her projects lighting plays an important role and the use of indirect light, combined with variation of intensity, creates different atmospheres required for each space. Keeping the original architecture is one of the challenges faced in each project, besides the integration of all elements giving that result in a whole new image.

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