Design project of Geometrium Design Studio. Location – Moscow. Floor space – 109.5 m2. Project orderer – a young family with a child 2 y.o. Interior style – contemporary.

A young family will be living in this flat. In addition, there will be living one more important family member – a cat of Russian blue breed. Our clients love him very much, that is why they pointed up on him. Our clients have their own business. As the rule, wife works from home. Their hobbies are football (husband), painting (wife) and bike riding. They like to spend evenings over a glass of wine.

Functional tasks that should be resolved in this flat

Our clients wanted:
• Two bathrooms. Main with the bathroom and guests’ with the shower cabin. For placing it, we needed to change planning and increase space of water closet;
• Cabinet at the entrance, for hanging clothes;
• Separate dressing room with a great number of storage systems;
• Kitchen – living room – dining room combined zone;
• Balcony entrance at the living room;
• Zone for work, for rest and place for painting at the balcony;
• Bedroom with a TV set;
• Washing machine in the main bathroom;
• Climbing structure in the children’s room;
• Children’s room should be suitable for future redecorating it to the teenager’s room;
• A big wine chiller cabinet, that already exists, should be placed in the living room zone;
• Place for a great amount of already existing technics.


At the stage of creating planning concept, we took into consideration a building-up of the walls on 7 sm, as it was decided to do full acoustic isolation.

For implementation of combined space idea, we connected kitchen to the living room. In addition, we increased bathroom using the space of the corridor. These solutions complied with all standards, but required approval.
We divided the corridor and living room zones by the cabinet. From one side, it functionally divides these zones, and from another, accomplishes this not so radically.

In the bedroom, we increased sizes of existing dressing room, so it could store more things.

Finishing materials

In the hall and kitchen, we used tile imitating natural marble. In the corridor, we used parquet planks Barlinek of CARAMEL GRANDE oak. For the walls, we used plaster for further painting reinforced with glass-fiber wrapping material to avoid cracks. In the living room, there is a big wall with concrete-imitating plaster. For the splash back of the kitchen, we used marble-imitating tile. At the entrance, there are wooden planks with build-in lamps.

In the bedroom over the bed-head, there are soft-furniture and wooden panels, that ideally emphasize the usage of natural materials in the interior.

In the children’s room, finishing is the same as for the whole apartment, except the floor. We did it using corks, for it to be gentler. One wall of the children’s room, where there is a TV set, we painted with magnetic paint, so it could be used for different learning games. Wall near the bed is made in the form of the niche from the parquet planks of herringbone layout.

The walls and the floor in the bathroom are finished with slate. The ceiling is covered with wood grain tile. A big mirror and the wall with the slight scuffs and grey plaster are emphasizing the interior of the room.

Guest bathroom has the same finishing, except the wall, where there is a sink. It is tiled imitating wooden lathes, which transit to the ceiling. The ceiling in the shower cabin is made of slake mosaic.

The balcony is finished with marble-like tile. We didn’t want to spoil house front, so we left existing red-brick walls and finished slopes with the black slake. Balcony rails are finished with bilayer of gypsum plasterboard, winterized and reinforced with a glass-fiber wrapping material. The second balcony has the same finishing.

Storage systems

In the hall, on the right-hand side of the entrance, there is armoire for over clothes. Further, in the corridor there are two more cabinets for other midseason clothes. They will separate living room from the corridor.

From the living room-side, there is open storage for books and closed one for medicine box, etc. In this storage system, we placed already mentioned wine chiller cabinet. In the living room zone we placed a long shelf for technics and different décor.
In the kitchen zone, bottom cabinets are designed for storing different kitchen utensils, and top ones, which last up to the ceiling, could be filled with non-essential things. In addition, an isle could be used for storage. At the small balcony, there is a small sofa with pullout storage for different things.

Near the bedroom, there is a huge dressing room. Near the one wall there is closet 2,25 m x 40 sm depth and near the second wall closet of 60 sm depth. In the bedroom, storage systems are not predicted, only balcony has hanging system.

In the children’s room, there is deep closet of “П” letterform, 60 sm depth, that is like peculiar portal around the bed. In the first two sections on 50 centimeters there are clothes hanged on the hangers, in the top section there are rarely used things, over-the-bed sections are used for the books, toys and learning materials. Over the table, there is rolling shelf, in which different writing implements could be stored. Over the TV set, there is a cabinet for technics: CDs, PlayStation, etc.

For storage in the both sanitary conveniences, we used drawer units. Additionally, there are built-in cabinets on the right hand side of the drawer. At the bottom of the cabinet, there is washing machine and at the top, there are household detergents. Over the toilet above the installation, there is a shelf for hairdryer, opened pots and other things, that should be within reach. The storage cabinet is above.
In the second bathroom, under the sink there is also sliding cabinet, and over it, there is cupboard with a mirror for storage of toothbrushes, cosmetics, etc. In the shower cabin we did special barely noticeable niche with shelves (that is unnoticeable even on visualizations) for convenient storage of different accessories and pots.


Clients wanted us to use several lightening schemes in the flat: general, functional and after hours. General lightening of the flat was made with the help of double lamps, which could be met in the different rooms. In the entrance room, there are wooden lathes with built-in powerful LED strip that acts like a main light.

Functional light directly illuminates necessary zones. In the living room, there are two specialized hanging lamps for illuminating such zones. Also, there is floor-lamp Hide, which is suitable for reading. Over the dinning group we did spot lightening, over the bar counter we placed levitation. In the cooking zone, lightening is represented by LED strips.

On the balcony, at the corridor and living room there are built-in lamps Centrsvet | Orbita. In the bedroom, there are hanging specialized lamps of the oval form. They are powerful enough to provide good lightening in this zone. Instead of wall lamps, we did hangers from the ceiling. In the children’s room, there are built-in lamps Centrsvet | Orbita, LED strip, wall lamp and designer deck lamp.
In the bathrooms on the lathed ceiling for not building in lamps, we used laid-on black lamps. Additionally we used LED strip for niche’s lightening and Orbita lamp over the white box. In the other bathroom, lightening solutions are the same.

In all zones we used LED strips that could provide after-hours subdued lighting, suitable for leaving it for the night or when it is necessary to create semidarkness. Besides, it illuminates all sides of the mirrors in the flat.

Color scheme

Color scheme of the flat is accomplished in the light tones. We chose light color with grey tone for increasing space visually and for it not looking like a hospital. We also used such grey elements as concrete wall in the living room and cabinetry in the kitchen.
There are many black graphic elements – lamps, pillows, slate on the slopes. For the interior to stay warm and cozy, we used wood in the form of wooden lathes, panels, floor, built-in furniture. For creating mood in the children’s room, we painted one wall into yellow, while leaving others in light-grey color. In bathrooms, we used more dark colors, as clients wanted to create more intimate atmosphere there.

In the interior, there is décor from copper and gold of mat tones. This brings statusness to it.


Almost all furniture elements are order-made. At the entrance, there are built-in storage systems, banquette, shelf for the keys and little things. In the bedroom there is freestanding hanger Calligaris Memorabilia, where you can hang your clothes, when you go to bed.
In the living room zone there is a grey sofa, golden mat table Amsterdam, dining table for 6 persons, designer chairs from faux-leather Kai, bar stools Marcel with metallic legs. It was important to foresee special complex for the cat. We placed this complex over the cooler, which was owned by our clients, and we needed to find ideal place for it.

Décor and textile

For interior to look more vivid, we added color and décor into it. As the décor, we used copper and golden mat elements. We used black pictures in the frames with passé partout; there is cat statuette at the entrance and picture of cat.
In the bedroom there is a picture without frame, over the bed there are pictures in the black frames.
In the children’s room on the wall covered with the metal spraying paint, it is placed wooden letters with metallic magnets.
Pillows of different colors and materials, carpets, coverlets, direct curtains, roman and roller curtains in the children’s room represent textile.


The interior is well though through, so there should be any complexities.

Project implementation period

5-6 months.

It is necessary to approve all stages of interior design with the customer, listen to the customer’s opinion, but also to set aside your idea and vision of the project. To eventually reach a consensus and make a perfect project.

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