Personal non-profitable design project that consists of a 36m2 bedroom an a 23m2 open terrace.
Minumun furniture: rustic bed, bedside table, a pair of wardrobes, antique desk, wood bench, potted plant.
If you wish to move away from a frenetic ambiance, surely you’ll become comfortable here.

Mediterranean Exile project is located somewhere around a coast. This scene was fully created on computer. For modeling and rendering I used 3ds Max + V-Ray, Photoshop for postproduction. The unique purpose was to design a space that invokes relaxing thoughts on a breezy and cloudy weather.

After traveling through Spain, I got the inspiration for working on this project. Baseline for it was: an antique desk and old wooden beams.
Prevailing whiteness and roughness of walls, wood and fabrics generate a balance with discreet warm colorful tiles.
Main natural light entrance is a large window in front the bed, with the minimun of artificial light: only three lamps.
I focused on a bedroom corner, conceived as a symbol of introspection. A moment destinated to isolation. . .

Despite of being a very small project, I was specifically satisfied with the rustic aspect of textures.
I’d like to thank the blog for the chance of posting my project. It is crucial, in order to receive critics and comments that help me to improve my skills.

  • Architect: Antonio Rodríguez

Posted by Antonio Rodríguez

I'm an architect, specialized in CG visualization. Do not hesitate contacting me for any comment or collaborative proposal. You can look over my portfolio in Behance.

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