Owner : Truong Thi Dieu
Located: Da Nang, VietNam,
Area: 100 m2
Project Year: 2019

DIEU_HOUSE, This project is located in Da Nang, a central coastal city of Viet Nam. The climate in this area is rather extreme in the way it varies significantly between the sunny season and the rainy one. It is also influenced by a lot of tropical storms every year.

With the owner is a beautiful lady and personality.
Before planning the design, I wondered how to create a highlight at the mental and personality site for the landlord without losing the harmony with the surrounding and the nearby buildings.
Central tropical climate. It is necessary to bring trees, wind and air convection into the house to save energy for the owner. The house serves as a shelter and a place to share emotions.

Danang is a city with charming bridges and beaches. The curve blazed in me inspired by the idea.
Modern style combines a bit of neoclassical features. The house gradually formed and was chosen by the owner after several other design options.
Although it is a long design journey, leaving feelings for both me and the owner. Creating “beauty” for this life is the architect’s happiness.

Hope everyone will like it. Somehow inspired other architects and people to see it.
Thank for everything…!

Phone: (+84) 0902.258.180

Contact with me when you are ready…! 🙂


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