Interior Desing & CGI: Y HOUSE
Year: 2019

We created an alternative environment to work at home.

We consider that if you want to work at home, you should isolate from family distractions.

In this case, we design not only a cozy place but also functional. We took special attention to details like illumination, ergonomics and color palette that invites you to work on creative jobs like CGI, Digital Marketing, UX/UI Design, Content Creation.

We planned to create a private home studio, where the client could focus on his creative job.
Our client is UX/UI Designer who work from home.
Tha main goal was to design a private studio where he could isolate from familiar distractions.

We have developed an aesthetic that is a mixture of minimalism with nordic style.

In this particular case, we integrated Google Home technology that can personalize illumination from smartphone or using some voice commands.

We choosed color palette from nordic style, using strong wood accent in contrast with white and dark grey lacquered.

Linear forms could be observed at every corner of this minimalistic place.

It was an awesome experience, because we have reached a proper style that could connect with a specific kind of clients, especially late millennials who are entrepreneurs.

With this project we learnt how to integrate Google Home and other technologies with interior design.

  • Interior Designer: Y HOUSE

Posted by Luis Guillermo Montenegro Palacio

An irreverent industrial designer and entrepreneur, who really believes that design should talk about us and connect our reality with customer beliefs. I consider myself a music lover, who every day is seeking new sounds to inspire my work. Life is a short trip, We must create a proper atmosphere to enjoy daily routine (At home) and develop spaces that invites to make business (Commercial Porpose)

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